To be a Gypsy in Ukraine is a threat for your life

On July 1, a Gypsy woman was cruelly killed in Transcarpathia.

The woman was approximately 30 years old. According to local Romas, she was killed by a "stranger".

The woman died of stab wounds.

The incident happened on the territory of railroad depot, report the "News of Transcarpathia".



The wounded woman ran away from the attackers and came to the house of one of the local inhabitants, where she died of wounds.

Previously, as reported by UNIAN, on the night from June 23 - 24, a group of people armed with knives, metal pipes and chains, attacked a Roma camp in a wood outside of Lvov.

As a result of the attack, a resident of Transcarpathian region aged 24 died; four more were injured, including a boy aged 10, two youngsters aged 19, and a woman aged 30.

Eight suspects, including one aged 20 and seven agend 16-17, were detained and announced a suspicion.

From the speech that Pastor Jonas of Mukachevo delivered during the funeral of the 24-year-old Gypsy of Transcarpathian region David Popp, who was killed by Nazi radicals in Lvov:

"Why do we live in Ukraine like this?! Why do we have no place in this country, no work? Why were we driven from Kiev, why were our people burned in Ternopol, why did they kill us in Lvov? these murderers? Or should we repay evil for evil? No! Let God be their judge! And I ask you now, romala, let's live peacefully between ourselves and between people! "

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