«Greeting of Holocaust Executors»

A U.S. historian reveals the essence of slogan "Glory to Ukraine".

Slogan "Glory to Ukraine", which is so actively promoted in Kiev, is similar to the greeting of German fascists, "Zig Heil".

This conclusion was made by associate professor of Columbia University Tarik Cyril Amar, who specializes in studying the history of Ukraine and of the former Soviet Union.

According to him, slogan "Glory to Ukraine" with constant response "Glory to Heroes" is a greeting of Ukrainian nationalists who arranged ethnic cleansing during the Second World War.

Turning these people into heroes and rehabilitation of their name actually means denial of all their crimes.


Amar stressed that same way Germans could bring back the Nazi salute "Zig Haile" to remind people of patriotism.

"This is a bad, pure patriotic slogan. This is a greeting of Holocaust executors and mass ethnic cleansing during the Second World War. And no, this is not a fiction of Russian "information war", but a historical fact, - the scientist writes in his blog.


To remind you, earlier in the World Cup, a scandal broke out when Croatian footballer Domagoi Vida, who once played in Dynamo Kiev, exclaimed "Glory to Ukraine" after winning over the Russian team.

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