Ukrposhta: No more retirement payments

Ukrposhta has confirmed to Vesti that, since July 20, all postal offices suspend retirement payouts. The reason for non-payment is that the Retirement Fund of Ukraine simply did not transfer funds for these purposes.

"Retirement payments for the period from July 20 is not yet done. Ukrpochta is only an agent of the Retirement Fund for retirement payments - says the press service. "Now the Retirement Fund has not transferred funds to finance payments in full."

At the same time, it is reported that Ukrposhta is working in standard mode and is ready to pay retirements as soon as funding from RFC arrives. They cannot tell when the payments will resume: "please contact the Retirement Fund of Ukraine."

However, the retirement fund's press service denies payment problems: "Retirement payouts are being funded, the payment is being continued in full. The payment was not stopped."

Recently, "Ukrposhta" made a statement that they wish to reduce the number of offices in Ukraine. In particular, this will affect villages and small towns, and they intend to stop making payments to the retired in their offices. However, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko denied this statement, reassured the retired, and called the Ministry of Social Policy and Ukrposhta to compromise.

"State enterprises must fulfill certain social functions, I will be happy to support any initiatives that increase the efficiency of state enterprises, but I consider it unacceptable when they take the last penny out of the pensioner's pocket," Poroshenko wrote in his Facebook.


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