Ukrainian nazis attack children*s camp in Chernigov region

On July 25, about 30 people with symbols of Svoboda attacked Sergey Bliznyuk, the chief editor of local newspaper Izvestia Borznyanshchina, and the administration's employees, at the premises of the Borznianska Regional State Administration.

"The attackers hit the journalist on the head and forced him to write a letter of resignation. After that, they attacked the deputy chairman of the Borznianska Regional State Administration, Alexander Maksimov, and the administration's employees Elena Taran and Yevgeny Tarnovsky. Under the threat of physical violence, they forced officials to write applications for resignation, the report says.

The eparchy believe that the main "sin" of the victims was their publishing an article about Orthodox summer camp for youth recreation On the Sea of ​​Galilee, organized by the Nezhinsk eparchy for more than 100 children of the Chernihiv region.

"Previously, representatives of Svoboda sent threats to the ruling bishop of the Nezhins eparchy. And on July 21 a group of drunk men who called themselves representatives of this political movement broke into the territory of children's camp in the Borznyansky district. Luckily the children had gone home the day before, on July 20, the report says.

On the same day, according to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, activists were trying to intimidate local carriers so they would refuse to provide transportation services to the believers who go to Kiev.

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